Encryption bug

  • I used the tutor1.zip archive for this test. I have two issues here

    firstly when u add a file to this (i added an image) and made it aes 128 encrypted just that file when adding it. Try deleting just that file and then readd it to the archive with encryption disabled and you will find that it is added to the archive with encryption, even though this time you didn’t ask for it. Only way to solve this is to close the whole archive and reopen it. even if you just wanted to change the password of that file.

    when will this be fixed?

    secondly when deleting an encrypted file from an archive it lets you delete the file but still comes up with the password dialog asking for passwpord of that file after that file has been deleted

  • conexware

    there is no screenshot attached…

  • too many screens to include but if you follow these simple steps you can reproduce it

    open tutor1.zip (powerarchiver sample zip)

    add a file with compression (aes128)
    to this zip give it a password

    delete the encrypted file from tutor1.zip

    then readd to tutor1.zip and make sure you have encryption disabled when adding it to the tutor1.zip

    you will find that it adds it encrypted to tutor1.zip even though you have not added it to tutor1.zip encrypted.

    this any help

  • adding more details ot my last post

    if you add another file after deleting the passworded file file from the archiver and then readd the file you have just deleted to the archive again, it adds encryption to that file even if its disabled on the options.

    only work round is to exit the archive and renter it.

    this is a pain as the only way to change password is to delete the passwored file and then exit the archive and reopen the archive and readd the file.

    couldn’t we fix this so we can delete the file and then be allowed to add it unencrpted or not with or without new password.

  • still not fixed in latest beta

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