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PA 2009, bugs

  • Hi,

    New version opens a lot slower than PA2007 which is a pity

    Using the black theme and text in places is too dark, black text on a dark grey background is not ideal (see screenshot)

    Selecting whioch columns to show does not work. I want the attributes shown, but this setting is never remembered

  • conexware

    columns - this did not work in previous versions, we will try to make it to PA 2009 (for explorer view of hard drive course, works in archives)…

    • black theme, it is not artistic choices, but limitation we currently have for those captions

    • speed - we are working on that. PA 2009 is faster now in every way than any PA before, in every format (compression/extraction)… but indeed is slower during startup. We will definetly optimize that as well by the final, question is how much we can do.

  • conexware

    please check speed in beta 2, it should be significantly faster for registered users!

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