PA2009: Minor Registration Bug

  • One thing I noticed when trying to register PA2009: The registration code box doesn’t trim trailing spaces. While it’s a minor thing, it did cause me to do a double-take when the copy-paste job on my serial number failed.

    Yeah, it’s a minor bug, but I knew what to look for after copying and pasting from webmail. Someone less savvy could easily get stuck and frustrated. A call to Trim() (or 2, if you also do the name edit box) would eliminate the problem and maybe even put a minor dent in support requests.

  • conexware

    interesting, it kept doing it for me so i thought this was already implemented… thanks

  • I’m running under the assumption that PA is developed in Delphi. It certainly looks like it to this Delphi developer. :)

    It depends on where you call Trim from. I’ve noticed that a TEdit’s OnExit event doesn’t fire if you click a button with the mouse when that TEdit has focus. If you’re doing it in a button’s OnClick handler (or an action’s OnExecute that’s bound to a button), then it really should just work.

    At least, this is my experience up through BDS2006. I’m not running the Vista Feature Pack^W^W^WDelphi 2007 yet to see if this has changed – holding out for Tiburon. (Aside: Have you seen that Nick Hodges is referring to it as “Delphi 2009” in his blog? I’m hoping that it’s not getting pushed back AGAIN. Give me my Unicode, generics, and anonymous methods now please! :) )

  • conexware

    thanks - i will make sure dev team checks this up for beta 2…

    as to the delphi 2008 (!!!), didnt have time to read anything recently, but dear god we all need that Unicode, now!


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