PowerArchiver 2009 Pro

  • Will the Virtual DVD conflict with UltraISO’s ISODrive if installed at the same time? Both use a virtual CD/DVD emulation driver. Why does Virtual DVD require a separate download of StarPort10.exe via the updater when I try to activate it. Why is there an empty Genera registry key in addition to General under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PowerArchiver? Can you fix that in the next update? This extra incorrect Genera key without the last l is created during install even if PowerArchiver 2009 has not been run yet. When I delete Genera from the registry and run PowerArchiver 2009 it’s not recreated since it’s not used.

  • conexware

    Virtual Drive is separate because not everyone wants to use it, so if you do, you download it via in-pa download…

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