Various GUI settings not remembered

  • Running PowerArchiver 10.22.02 on WinXP Pro SP3. I’m having a minor but annoying problem: Various settings keep getting forgotten between PA runs.

    One example is the “grid lines” setting. I enable it, and PA disables it for no apparent reason.

    Another example is column settings. I order the columns as Name/Size/Packed/Ratio/Type/Modified/Attributes/Path, but PA rearranges them, usually by reversing the Type and Ratio columns. Also, I like to keep the Path column very wide, to accommodate long paths when they appear, but PA insists on senselessly narrowing the Path column to make it fit the window, forcing me to constantly resize it.

    Yet another example is the “Highlight archives” setting. I enable it and change the highlight color to yellow, and PA disables that option again and resets the color to the default of blue.

  • conexware

    do other settings work properly?

  • Yes. Just the GUI settings are lost sporadically.

  • conexware

    does anyone else have the same issue with 10.22?

    Cant replicate it on my uber release, so just to make sure it is something that wasnt system specific and that was fixed for “upcoming” release…


  • I can’t seem to replicate this on the Current Public Available Version nor any other version.

    Using Windows XP Service Pack 3 with latest Windows Updates to date.

  • Alpha Testers

    None of this occurring on my Windows XP SP3 or Vista SP1

  • @nameless

    Are you using a admin account or a user account?

  • conexware

    I think I know what solution might be - email us at support at and we shall reply, just refference this post.


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