The unnecessary folder extraction problem

  • Hi,
    I was wondering how to extract a sub-folder without extracting the whole directory that holds it.

    Say I want to ONLY extract a folder called typeB (and its sub-folders). In explorer view, TypeB is located in:


    When I click extract, its extracts Archive and all selected folders within it. I ONLY want the TypeB folder.

    I want to look and see ‘TypeB’ in my desktop not ‘Archive’

    Note, however, that I can click and drag the ‘TypeB’ folder and ONLY the type B folder will be extracted. If thats so why doesn’t the normal extract function do that as well?


    I’ve looked for solution. but cannot find

  • conexware

    You need to turn on Explorer view, and then drag and drop folder you want extracted… it will work fine.

  • Thnx.
    However, the issue is that I’m installing custom addons for my counter strike.

    Most addons come in archives that are prepacked to extract into the game’s root directory.
    Lets say the game’s root directory has folders skins, maps, models - and subfolders in each of those.
    Then the archive should be formatted as such
    e.g skins…, maps…, models…
    This way everything extracts to its place.

    If I were to click and drag in explorer view into game’s root dir, it would ask me to REPLACE the game’s skins, maps, models folders! :( so I must extract it!

    But lets say an arhive has an unecessary root folder in it.
    e.g Vio1at0r\skins…, maps…, models…

    I can’t extract skins, maps, models WITHOUT extracting Vio1at0r. So that in my game’s root dir theres an unwanted Vio1at0r folder, and my addons are not installed because the game does not recognize the Vio1at0r folder!

    I have to open the Vio1at0r folder in explorer view. Extract skins…, maps…, models… folders into an empty folder.
    Then create a new archive thats just skins… maps… models.
    Then extract that new archive into the games directory so that every file is put where its supposed to be. Then when that’s done delete the archive i just created._

    Why can’t I just open up the Vio1ator folder, highlight the skins, maps, models and then extract ONLY those into the game’s root direcotry so that everything is in its place.

    thnx again_

  • conexware

    It is not going to replace the folder, it will write to it. You are giving this too much thought.

    You can do exactly what you want, and it will work properly in explorer mode.

    Of course, with latest PA 2007 - I am not sure if you are using some old version or not.

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