7z Spanned Archive

  • I am unable to open a spanned archive in the 7z format. Creating a spanned 7z archive in both PA and 7-Zip - neither would open in PA. I did open a spanned 7z file with 7-Zip, created with PA. Tested PA with spanned ‘zip’ and ‘rar’ archives, created in PA and WinRAR respectively – these opened fine in PA. The challenge seems to be limited to opening spanned 7z archives in PA.

  • test.7z.001 is what your forum said it was so i could not upload it though it is just one archive (1 file)

    hope this helps i created a 7zip archive with spanning options of 1.2mb disk and it created ok the file was actuallytest. on disk however powerarchiver came up after creating it that it could not open this. However winrar 7zip archiver and another one opened it ok.

    Second issue

    there was no warning when i created a 7zip file with the same name using the same steps above. It could not recognise the file so no warning even though other 7zip archivers did produce warnings when over writing it.

  • Same issue here, PA creates spanned .7z files perfectly, however it cannot extract the files (have to use another archiver program to extract).



  • conexware

    this was due to changes in 7z dll that we did not notice - we fixed it in “upcoming” release…

  • conexware

    this has been fixed in beta 1…

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