Context menu icons not transparent

  • It would be nice, if the PA2007 context menu icons could have a transparent background instead of white. At my Windows Vista Premium it looks like this:

  • conexware

    interesting… looks fine here.

    We will take an look for next release.


  • In PA2009 Beta4 there is still the problem with the white background. It should be transparent instead.
    Here is a zoomed screenshot:

  • A few observations. Firstly I dont have this problem. The icon appears as transparent. The second thing i noticed is that your BitDefender icon is also not rendering correctly. It also has a white background. You can see it when zooming in.

    Also your PA icons arent displayed at the proper size (resolution). Have you tried resetting your display properties to default? Open display properties and goto “Theme”. It might say “Modified theme” change it to “Windows Vista”.

    Attached are a couple screenshots. My menu and your BitDefender icon.

  • I still have the problem after resetting the display properties and even rebuild the icon cache. :-(

    Does someone else have the same problem? Perhaps the context menu item of BitDefender is the reason for this problem.

  • Im at a loss to figure out the reason for this. I’ve tried every thing I could think of to reproduce this but no luck. Change the menu color, desktop color, went to 16bit as opposed to 32. All no go.

    The only thing that strikes me as odd is the icon isnt displayed at its proper resolution in your menu. Im not sure what would cause that but suspect its related to the icon not being rtransparent.

    If I discover anything I’ll post it here. Im going to experiment more.

    Edit: On my sys I used the remove shortcut overlay tweak combined with remove shortcut prefix tweak. Dont know if that matters.

    Edit2: If you have the menu bar visible in windows explorer, select a file or folder and click the File menu. Are the icons displayed there with a white background? Also in the context menu are the Send To and New menus also showing a white background for the icons? Or only PA and BitDef?

  • I also used the two tweaks.
    The explorer file menu icons are displayed with the white background. :-(
    The Send To menu are not showing this strange behavior.
    Strange, really strange…

    Edit: I just installed WinRAR and there is no problem with the icons. No I think that the white background of the BitDefender icon is normal and there is only the problem with PowerArchiver…

  • Well since WinRAR looks alright then it must be related to PA Shell Ext and not an OS issue. Here is a longshot and might be worth a try…

    Open PA and goto Configuration>Shell Extensions. Uncheck ‘Use images beside menu items’. Ok then exit PA. Open PA again and re-enable the use images item. Like I said its a long shot.

    I see you had this issue with 2007 also. The only other remedy I can think of is uninstall, reboot, delete all registry items for PA and do a clean install. Assuming you havent tried that yet.

  • Thank you, MarcFou, for your help and ideas. Unfortunately even uninstalling and registry deleting did not solve the problem.

  • I may have had a revolation of sorts. I just noticed something in your screenshot.

    PowerArchiver has opaque icon and menu text is English
    BitDefender has opaque icon and menu text is English
    WinRar has transparent icon and is German
    Take Ownership has transparent icon and is German

    Could the problem with PA and BitDefender be a localization issue?

  • Marc - I think you overlooked the first two screenshots; they are in German and NOT transparent.

  • Your right. I some how missed that. So I had another thought. Maybe it would be worth trying to uninstall, then re-install the Eng version?

  • Nice thought, I tried it but it didn’t work either.

  • Sorry to hear that Frank. I’ve put you through enough already. I’ll keep trying to figure it out. If I come up with something more conclusive or at least hopeful, I’ll post it here.

  • What version of Vista do you have? 32 bit or 64 bit?

  • conexware

    What version of Vista you have and have your tried with PA 11.00 b4 English - does this version work?

  • I have Vista x64 and I’ve tried the English version - the same problem.

  • And I still have the problem with Beta 5 (German). :-( Will or could it be fixed?

  • conexware

    Issue should be fixed in next beta of PowerArchiver 2010 v11.50 release. Tested with XP x64 and Vista x64 and no transparency problems so far.

  • conexware

    please check with official beta 1, and let us know if this has been fixed… thank you!

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