PA not using current folder as temp as it should

  • There are 2 settings in PA configuration options:

    Miscellaneous > Speed > Use current folder as temp

    Folders > Temp Location

    These two settings seem to be contradicting each other because if you select to use current folder as temp, on the Temp Location field it won’t let you delete what’s in there and that setting overrides the speed setting. Extracting from H: drive to temp folder on C:, and then copying back to H: takes twice as long as if it just extracted to the current directory on H: and then renamed the file(s) if it needs to…

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  • conexware

    Speed settig is only used for compression I believe.
    Best is to set temp folder to the drive you use the most for zipping/unzipping.

    There are a lot of problems with overwriting files directly (not using temp), so that will not be used to save you from possible loss of data in specific situations. Better safe then sorry.

  • Which specific situations if I may ask? Wouldn’t confirm overwrite work? This should be the default behavior. For those of us who store data on many different drives, having a forced Temp dir setting is really inconvenient.

  • conexware

    if data is corrupted or extract is cancelled, you will lose your current files if they were being overwriten without an temp file.

  • Agreed. But this shouldn’t be an issue. Here is the flow chart:

    1. User right-clicks archive file and selects “powerarchiver > extract here”

    2. PA notices files or directories it’s about to extract already exist in current dir (I guess it scans archive and scans current dir and makes a comparison)

    3. PA pops-up a prompt dialog confirming overwrite: Overwrite? Yes|No

    4. If user selects ‘Yes’ then user is fine with current data being overwritten, if user selects ‘No’ then process aborts.

    5. User notices that all extraction operations take half the time as they did when using a forced temp dir on a different hard drive and, feeling extremely pleased he recommends PA to all his friends stating that the program has great support and works really fast. :D

    Seriously though, this is really quite simple and is the default behavior for so many programs, any time a user is about to overwrite something there is always a confirmation popup dialog first. It’s Windows, it was designed to be idiot-proof. Let’s not add 100% time overhead to the process in the interest of idiot-proofing it even more.

    By the way, what is the current behavior for if a file about to be extracted already exists in the current dir? First it copies the file to the other drive where Temp folder is, then it copies the file back to the current dir (all the while hard drives getting quite a workout…), notices that the file already exists, and pops up an overwrite confirmation dialog at that point? Then can’t we just eliminate all the time-consuming copying? Thank you for your time.

  • conexware

    problem is that when you dont have temp folder, you might exract bad file and it will overwrite good file. There is no way around that.

    only problem comes when you have different temp drive and destination drive. If you have everything on the same drive, it is moved over…

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