Strange thing happening with my zip files

  • I have a strange thing happening the last couple of days with my Power Archiver 2007; all was working well then,
    When I send a zip file it has a bunch of empty folders each one taking a name from the file path then the last one will have the contents in, Example folder name
    D:\My Documents\My Pictures\holiday snaps, when I zip it it’s a single folder named (holiday snaps)
    But when it’s opened you get a folder named My Documents with a folder in it called My Pictures with a folder in it called holiday snaps with the pictures in!
    Ideas about what I am doing wrong & solving the problem appreciated,


  • Hi PJ!
    Welcome to PowerArchiver forums!

    Please make sure that you have unchecked the “Save full folder info” checkbox in the Add window while creating your ZIP archive… (in case you use PA’s Explorer Shell Extensions).
    Or please choose “Store relative paths” in the Add dialog if you add files from the main PowerArchiver window.


  • Thank you Serhiy I will go and try these things now,

    Regards PJ

  • conexware

    you simply had full path option on, which will save full folder structure of your files. Serhiy to the rescue ;-)

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