Pa10.21.17 configuration hangs

  • When switching to another window while the configuration menu is open (to caputre a path, for example), pa hangs on return in w98 and xp.

    The config menu is hidden behind pa, is still active, but does not have focus. This can be shown by shrinking pa smaller than config BEFORE SWITCHING AWAY, so that a portion of config is still visible on return. However, pa itself is completely unresponsive, of course, so the only recovery is closing pa with task man when none of the config menu is visible.

    Also, when this happens, pa is still on the taskbar and in taskman, but not in the alt-tab view. Sometimes it is possible to recover by switching away again and returning to pa in task man.

    Thanks for the default snap-to and launch speed, but this was a large nuisance to get them!

  • conexware

    workaround is to put focus on another window, and then PA will come back.

    Basically click on Internet Explorer (example) on the taskbar to maximize it, and then again to minimize it, and PA window will return properly focused.

    We hope to solve this issue in upcoming update.


  • The same can happen with “tip of day” window

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