Outlook Plug-in

  • I noticed that my PAOP was not working. I went to check the settings, but could not find the PA tab.

    Went to Add/Remove to make sure I hadn’t uninstalled it, but it was still showing installed.

    So, I uninstalled PAOP.

    I then restarted the computer (running XP).

    Installed the latest version of PAOP.

    Started up Outlook 2007, went to check the PAOP settings and still no tab.

    Checked the Add/remove programs and it shows PAOP Outlook 2007 installed.

    I have done the install/uninstall three times with the same results everytime.

    Any ideas?

  • conexware

    Did you check if it was disabled for whatever reason? You can check it in Outlook 2007.

  • Check to see if the PAOP was disabled? Where would I check that? There is no PAOP tab that shows up in my Outlook 2007 when it is installed.

    I’ve checked on my wife’s computer and she has the PAOP tab in the menu and everything functions just fine.

    Maybe the moon and stars aren’t lined up right tonight to install software.

  • conexware

    Go to Outlook> Help> Disabled Items. It is in Outlook configuration.



    That was it, it had become disabled in Outlook, don’t know how or why, but it had. Working fine once again!

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