Price europe home user

  • I did not understand too

    I have 3 computers at home

    Should I buy 3 licenses (1 license=1 computer), or 1 license can be used up to 5 computers

    because if 3 licenses –>

    I live in europe (france)

    And it should explain why it already money 40% more expensive than the US version license. :mad:

    What I found to be unacceptable (to limit if it is because of the translation you put a “ini” file in the folder instructions for the language, we translate ourselves)

  • The license can be used in one of 2 ways - as a per-user license or as a per-computer license (from the help file):

    After you have registered, you may personally use the Software on one or more computers, or allow multiple persons to non-simultaneously use the Software on a single computer, but not both.

    So, if you’re the only user on those 3 computers, then you only need one license.

  • conexware

    Pricing is in Euro because most of our staff lives in… Europe. So weak USD is quite an problem for us as most of us get paid in Euro.

    Mwb explained the rest.


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