Updating / Installing PA

  • Is there a way when “updating” to have the installer recognize that PA is already installed and not prompt for what options you want or to prevent the installer from wanting to change file associations? Does this already exist and I need to install manually with a switch or something?

    Also, it would be nice if the “What’s New” file contained something of relevance to the specific minor releases we are installing. Maybe you could tell us what benefits we have just reaped in version 10.21.12 as opposed to the 10.21 base version? By the way, what is new in RC2?

  • conexware

    Installer does not know what options you have selected previously, but it does keep track of where you installed PowerArchiver. options are still presented in case you wished to change them.

    As to these very small updates, they are bug fixes and we usually post in those reported bug threads when we have fixed an issue.

    Since we usually issue these small releases in very short time frame, updating whatsnew is last thing on the list. For actual public releases, such as 10.21 you get nice list of changes, like you did for RC1.


  • Ok, I know it probably seems nit picky but, is there any way to make setup default to having the boxes unchecked? If the “Additional Install Options” dialog box came up without the boxes checked I would still have the option to change my mind. However, I wouldn’t need to uncheck the options on every update.

    These options seem unnecessary because:

    1. If I had elected to have icons on the desktop or start menu they would still be there. If I had not wanted icons I wouldn’t check this anyway.
    2. If I have custom file associations I wouldn’t want the install changing them and if they were already associated I wouldn’t need to reassociate them.
    3. Not showing configuration options for first time installations for an update seems pretty straight forward.
    4. Enabling the PA Queue if it is already enabled doesn’t make sense unless having the box unchecked turns it off.

    Thanks again, I know you guys have a lot of other things to worry about. I just thought I would throw this out there since I had updated again and it was something I had meant to ask before. Thanks for taking the time to respond, it’s appreciated!

  • conexware

    We could do all of that if we have had specifc upgrade packages instead of full instalations - but we currently update too frequently for us to be able to do that.

    So yes, we could do upgrades but it simply takes too much of our time and it would be seperate installer from our general. We already have all the functionality in place to do them, just not enough time :-).

    It has been on our todo list for the future for past few years.

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