View file/PAE password problem

  • I just installed 10.21.12 and have discovered a problem with my pae files. I have a few pae encrypted files containing text files with sensitive data in them. In the past I would open the pae files, enter the password, then use the built in viewer to look at the text file without extracting it. With 10.21.12, the file comes up in the viewer, but is blank. When I extract the text file, the contents are there, so at least I have a workaround, but it would be nice if the old behavior returned :).

    Can anyone confirm this?


  • conexware

    thanks - we will check it out…

  • conexware

    Just reproduced the problem using a .txt file, zipping it then encrypting and it works fine. Let us know if you used another format other than .zip and/or give us more details about the problem.


  • I don’t recall the steps I used to create my pae files originally, but here are the steps I can now use to reproduce my problem:
    1. Create a text file
    2. Right-click the .txt file and select ‘Compress with options…’ from the PA context menu.
    3. When the panel appears, select ‘Zip Encryption’ type of PK AES-256 bit (I don’t think the type matters) and set a password. Click on ‘Add’ to create the zip file.
    4. Open the zip file and select Encrypt from the PA menu and write out the pae file.
    5. Delete any left over .txt or zip files used to create the pae file.
    6. Open the pae file (should be prompted for password) and enter password.
    7. Right-click on text file name in PA and select View… (select internal viewer).

    When I do the above, the text file shows up in the internal viewer as blank.