PA RC2 Modern Toolbar icons missing in French version and update problem

  • The problem has been corrected for the English version but not for the French version. I have downloaded again powarc1021frrc2.exe, uninstalled and reinstalled and there are no icons for Tools and Options bars. Curiously, when in the help menu I search for a new version, I can see: Installed Version: 10.21.11 - Last Version: 10.21.12. When I click update, after emptying my cache and deleting powarc1021frrc2.exe from my hard drive, it downloads again powarc1021frrc2.exe 10.21.11. There is no way for me to download 10.21.12 french version. Please excuse my english and congratulations for such a great piece oft software.

  • conexware


    proper french version is uploaded so you can get it now.

    I apologize to our german users, as you will have to uninstall RC1 first and then install RC2.
    This will be fixed tomorrow.


  • Big thanks for such a quick fix. Ecellent support indeed.:)

  • conexware

    New german version uploaded, thank you!

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