Powerarchiver Main Window grows with every start

  • I’m using version 9.02.00 but noticed this in earlier versions too. Every time I start powerarchiver it grows one pixel in size. After some time the right and top parts of it are off screen. If I make the window smaller again, it starts new from that position.

    I’ve looked in the registry now and there are two keys that grow accordingly.

    1. HKCU/Software/PowerarchiverG/MainForm1600x1200Height
    2. HKCU/Software/PowerarchiverG/MainForm1600x1200Width

    After every start they are both 1 step bigger.

    I’m using Windows XP SP2 but it was there with SP1 also. The only thing I can think of, causing this: I use a different Skin in windows through a altered “uxtheme.dll”.

    But it makes no difference even I return to the standard “uxtheme.dll” and the standard XP skin.

    any ideas ?

  • what programs are u running at the present momnet at start up and load before using pa.

    have you tried in safe mode.

    It might be another program calling a different skin or command, conflicting with pa.

    what monitor and software for it do you have?

  • I thought it was my imagination, but I’ve seen the same behavior. I’m running in 800x600 on WinXP SP2 without any custom themes and basically only McAfee VirusScan on startup.

  • I have an IIyama Monitor (Vison Master Pro 450). There is no special software installed for it, besides the color scheme.

    Usually only the Windows Explorer and Outlook 2003 are open. Other tools in the background are Messenger including Messenger Plus, GetRight and a support tool for an ISDN device.

    There are no other tools which change skins or make other alterations to the gui. Or at least I’m not aware of.

    In former version there was an optian alá “save postiton on exit”. If this would come back, this would fix this problem. Not the best solution, but maybe worth a try.

    I’ll try in safe mode soon.

  • Sooner as I thought ;)

    In safe mode the problem is the same. Even deleting the entire key in the registry and installing PA new, didn’t change anything.

    The Tasklist during the safe mode was:

    3x svchost.exe

    One possibility may be the graphics driver. This is Nvidia 61.77 on a PCI Express 5900 card.

    If I find the time, I’ll try it one the secondary computer.

    BTW. the feature “use one window only” (supposed it is called that way in english) doesn’t seem to work. If I open multiple archives, everyone opens its own PA Window. But I remember this feature worked in the past. Maybe there is a problem with the german release.

  • conexware


    The issue will be fixed in next release!

  • @Henry_Jones:

    One possibility may be the graphics driver. This is Nvidia 61.77 on a PCI Express 5900 card.

    If I find the time, I’ll try it one the secondary computer.

    It’s definitely not the graphics driver. I’m running an ATI Radeon 9600 and have the same problem. I tried booting in safe mode too and still the problem persists. I’ll be anxious to see the next version that fixes this.

  • conexware

    It is not - simply an small bug, each time when you restart PA, window would grow one pixel to the right and one pixel at bottom of the window.

    We were alerted to it week ago via support and will be fixed in next update (already is).


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