Shell Option "Extract to subfolder" hangs PA

  • Using PowerArchiver 10.20.24 to extract some gz files from a Linux/Unix utility (single text files - not tarred).

    I had a strange problem where the subfolder is created but then PA hangs (Taskmanager shows CPU 95%-98%).

    After investigating I found the following
    Filename : 0000004396_2007-10-10.console.gz
    Path to file is long [99 characters]

    Using shell “Extract to c:\……\0000004396_2007-10-10.console” creates subfolder but PA Hangs and the extracting progress window is not drawn correctly.

    However, using shell “Extract to …” and the selecting the same pathname and inputting the filename as the destination folder (so extracting to “c:…\0000004396_2007-10-10.console” as before) works OK.

    Note: using shell “Extract to c:\test\0000004396_2007-10-10.console” (shorter path) also works OK.

  • conexware

    btw thanks - we will check it out.

  • conexware

    Please check if it works fine with RC2 from download page.


  • Cannot reproduce problem with RC2 (10.21.11).

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