PA Default Skins

  • Hi PA,

    On install of every PA there are classic skins that are incorporated in the default install skins Libary. these are;

    1. MyPA (Total Size on Disk) 512kb
    2. Long Horn. (Total Size on Disk) 580kb
    Total uncompressed size 1,06mb

    After install of every beta, every patch and major release I delete these from PowerArchivers skins folder.

    Is it possible that during install the user has a tick box option to install these two style skins? With the other install options available?

    Or to remove these from the install as you have already incorporated a standard default skin and a link within PA to “Download PowerArchiver Skins” should a user require more.

    This would also help reduce your Setup.exe size. Probably not much 86kb as you probably use Maximum compression on your self extracting file.

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