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PA RC 10.20.13 SKIN's CURRUPT!

  • Hi PA,

    I would put the RC on hold for a bit longer, after both a fresh install and upgrade then going to skins, selecting the available Longhorn & MyPA skins on each one the following happened!

    I lost complete control over all buttons and wasnt able to revert back to a default skin. I had to use the Repair feature to force the default skins back. then go into the configuiration screen - skins and clear Interface and toobar default locations as they were still showing

    MS Windows XP Pro SP2
    AMD Athlon Processor 3500+,2.0GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 6200 TurboCache.


  • conexware


  • conexware

    redownload RC and try again… thanks!

  • Spywolf, you and your team are good! RC2 works fine tried running all skins in multiple sessions and none currupted.

    Good Work!

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