Can power archiver do this?

  • Hello,

    Before I buy/try your program. Can you tell me if I can do the following with your program? I need to do the following:

    1. Make 200 encrypted archives of the 200 folders on my computer. One archive for each folder, a folder may have a bunch of subfolders under it but I don’t want an archive for the subfolders.

    2. The folder names, file names, or contents should not be visible unless a password is entered.

    3. Do everything on a batch basis and enter the password for the batch process one time to create new archives, add to, or decompress the 200 archives.

    4. Update the 200 archives once a day as needed without having to reenter the encryption passwords.

    5. Create new archives automatically as new master folders are created without having to reenter encryption passwords.

    6. The 200 archives would be on another computer.

    Is this at all possible? If your program could do this, could you outline the steps so that I can make this automatic backup procedure to another computer? Thank you for your help.

  • conexware

    some things can be done, but overall, you can not create single backup script to create batch archives based on folder selection.


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