Cannot install PowerArchiver 2007 Update

  • Hi everyone,

    today I tried to install the latest Update of PowerArchiver 2007.
    But the installation fails at about 75%, I think my MSI (MS Installer) is broken.

    I tried to reinstall MSI with the help of a link I found in this board.

    But after this, all was the same as at the beginning.

    Can someone explain me what to do to get MSI or PowerArchiver working? Or better both ;)

    Is there a possibility to get a log from the Setup?

    I tried this:

    powerarc101g /l! C:\power.log

    it’s a lower L behind the /

    because I know that there are MSI Options, every MSI Installer understands.

    But it doesn’t work! Maby there is a typo?

    please help me

  • I’m having the same issue as well with my registered version of powerarchiver. Looking at the error messages it seems to be unable to find the original install file of the old version so it can uninstall it. Any thoughts?

  • hmm I reinstallt windows and installt the new version. no problem.

    maybe try to uninstall the old one first and then install the new one.

    perhaps there is a bug in the new installer.

  • I tried uninstalling it through add/remove programs and the same error box pops up as during the installation of the new one, asking for the setup.msi for the old powerarchiver, then reporting it cannot uninstall it until it gets it. I’d be fine with manually removing it, but I don’t think I’d get enough out for the new installer to work properly.

  • conexware

    Problem comes from deleting original installation or any part of installation.

    If you do that, you have to manually remove Windows Installer entry for PowerArchiver.

    Here is Windows Installer Cleaner:

    Run it and remove PA 2007 entry. That will make everything work properly.

    Unfortunatly, this is how Windows Installer works, and if: .msi package or any part of install is missig, you have to do process above, it will not ignore old installation (which I believe it should).

    And we have to use Windows Installer for Certified for Vista compliance :-).


  • Works like a charm! Thank you all for your assistance!

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