10.20.04 (Beta) Column Gap

  • Hi PA Crew,

    As highlighed in a red box the column bar stops dead before the end of the application screen. I can drag it over but on close and reopen of PA it goes back.

    This is the latest PA beta and a clean install after a registry clear of all PA old values.

    Windows XP Pro SP2.


  • Not Fixed in the latest Beta 3 10.20.05 - 08/2007

  • conexware

    i think this is done so under 120dpi scroll bars dont appear… ivan?

  • Alpha Testers

    I can confirm this error ‘Richard’ not that you
    probably needed it but it’s also happening in vista home premium…screen resolution 1680 x 1050.

    just thought I’d mention it.


  • conexware

    That is because last column is automatically resizing by window resize or application startup. You can see by resizing window how last column is resizing too. That way last column is not saved if you change size manually.

    That is the way it works from PowerArchiver v1.0 (formelly QuickZip or EasyZip once long time ago).

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