Timer and zip with password

  • When extracting a zip with password, the timer starts running. When asked to fill in the password, the timer keeps running.

    In my opinion it should start after I filled in the password.


  • I metioned another area with regards to the password as when opening an archive it goes through the process of uncompression then askes you for the password! shouldnt it ask you before it starts uncompressing and reading whats in the archive??

    similar eh? ;)

  • conexware

    each file in zip archive can have different password, so you can not ask for the password before you start extracting files…

  • Ahh Point taken, you see I allway’s use the (*pae) method and use one master password for any number of files. Note the password has been tested and is un-crackable by goverment methods.

    But my collegues at work use mostly Zip and that must be it!


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