Vista PA users feedback

  • This is just a quick general enquiry about all users who own PA 2007 and Vista 32 or 64 bit.

    Because my computer blew up in the storms within the UK, I am having to use my old Sony Laptop. with my new computer on order.

    How well does PA now perform after the many improvements etc?

    The reason why I ask is that I have the OEM OS of XP Pro SP2 and Vista Business OEM. So I am trying to decide which OS I should install.

    My new specs will be;
    ASUS - M2N32-SLI Deluxe/Wireless Edition
    AMD 64but Dual Core 3800**
    Western Digital Harddrive 200GB
    256mb V520 ATI - Graphics Card

    Any recommendations would be appricaitated.

  • I have Vista Home Edition on my laptop. PA works just fine. I also have Office 2007 with the PA plug-in. I have it sit to make zip files with attachments over 20KB. I haven’t had any problems with the plug-in either.

    As far as Vista goes, over the last few months the programs that I use a lot have been updated and play nicely with Vista now.

  • conexware

    what about ram? Get 2 GB for Vista and you will be more than fine…

  • I have 3 GB of RAM Standard but have the ability of 8GB! :D

    I must admit, my old computer had a 3800 32bit Processor and 2 gb but did struggle to run some graphics in vista business… it was 4 year old computer mind!! however, when i had it built it was just under £3,000!

  • conexware

    that sounds fine for vista

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