Problem storing path

  • I am having problems storing the path for files in subfolders. I have set the option “use normal relative path” in configuration/misc. I also set “Store relative paths” in the Selection tab of the Add window. I click the “Add File…” button, then select files from various subfolders. When the files are added, I am getting either no path stored, or the full path stored. This behavior has occurred with v10.11 and with v10.20.02 that I just installed. Do you have any suggestions?

  • conexware

    relative path means relative to the folder you are adding files from. What is considered “root” folder is not being stored, but every other folder beneath it in the folder tree will be stored.

    So if you add file from:

    that file will have no path at all.

    However if you add:

    then test2.txt will have relative path stored as test.

    Is this what you are experiencing?

  • Suppose I have opened the window “Browse for Files to Add” in folder My Documents\jeff\A, which contains several files, and two subfolders B and C. I select all the files in A, and also select subfolders B and C. When I click the “Finish” button, one of two things happens: 1) all the files from folders A, B, and C are stored in my zip file, with no indication of path, even for folders B and C, or 2) all the files are stored with absolute paths, e.g, “Documents and Settings\jeff\A”, “Documents and Settings\jeff\A\B”, etc. I am not sure what causes either 1) or 2) to occur. I can see no pattern.

    However, if I drag and drop all the files and folders in A to the window in “Browse for Files to Add”, everything works as you would think, i.e., the files in A have no path indicated, and the files in subfolders B and C have the relative paths B and C as they should.

    For the time being, I can use the drag and drop method. I only tried that after my first post. I have been using computers since long before GUIs were available, and I normally prefer the command line, or something similar, just because of past experience.

    Thanks again for any help.

  • conexware


    how are you creating those files? And what compression?

    Can you outline step by step exactly what you do so we can try to reproduce it. I tried it now and everything seems to work just fine, so it might be specific.

    thank you!

  • This weekend, I will give you a real example, step by step. I am working 12 hour days right now, so I can’t do much until the weekend. Thanks for your help and patience.

  • conexware

    step by step reminder… thank you!

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