PA Backup Express Lite Glitch

  • Using PA Backup Express Lite with .bh compression has a glitch. It can produce a new backup archive, but will not replace an existing backup. The existing backup is deleted, but the new one does not takes its place. I have found this true only for those PA Backup Express Lite .bh files. The others seem to work properly. Thanks!

  • i can’t see why this is not working though i have not tested it yet i have looked at the process in detail and have found out that the backup uses the compression and turns it into a backup. replacing the back up made earier. is the backup name the sma e is the archive name the same. use in the backup?

    it could be that the compression in the express lite is calling the bh compression incorrectly thats if no backup is made and is by standard deleting the backup already there, which it does before a backup is made.

    It should only delete a backup if a backup is created sussefully.

    I hope they fix this soon.

    what computer are u using xp 98 etc. have you tried this in safe mode as it can be something loded into memory that can cause this fault. Just qa thought.

    can u post the bh file your trying to backup just in case its that file which is a problem. Does not happen to all bh files created.

  • Happens on both XP Home Edition and XP Professional. Does not matter what file I use. As long as it is .bh, it will delete the existing file and replace it with nothing. Haven’t tried it in safe mode yet.

  • conexware


    can you please take a bit more care when you are writing - it is sometimes really hard to read your posts and it confuses the matter greatly.

    Charles, you are correct about bh - thanks for the report.

  • what i meant to say the backup creates a new bh file and should replace other one. (over write it).

    If it does not then it will not be created. but it might already of deleted the bh file aleadry there cause it has too in order to make way for the new bh file

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