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Clear History button

  • it doesn’t clear the “extract files” list.

  • conexware


    The issue should be fixed in Beta 3. Extract files list should be reset to default state where first directory is User’s Documents folder.

  • It would be nice if there was an option in PA 2007 to select if you want to keep history and if so how many lines of history up to 10??

    I personaly Don’t like programs that keep a history of Usage as it enables others to trace back. Not good when you work for the goverment 😃

    Grant I clear it every day before I leave, but if I had the option I wouldnt need to and neither would anyone else who also required a secure history.

  • I have been using the Set Installation Defaults frequently to reset the extract list to default state but it also resets everything else back to defaults and I lose all the configurations. It also resets back to classic mode.

  • As I mentioned before maybe we need to add an Options for the Clear History Button. But now to select what gets cleared if anything as well.

    1. Extracted
    2. Opened
    3. Recent Backup’s
    4. Created
    5. Saved Passwords (Yes/No) Option
    6. Favourites

    And any other areas that can effect the userbility of PA.

  • Fixed in b3.04. It clears the list.

  • bump

  • conexware

    bump for what? clears or not?

  • fixed 🙂

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