New: PowerArchiver 2007 10.20 Beta 2

  • conexware

    New Version: PowerArchiver 2007 10.20 Beta 2



      • Completely new Modern Interface, reworked to look better and more like Office 2007 ribbon interface. New customization options such as minimizing the ribbon, customizing contents and location of QAT, support for Vista aero transparency and better font selection in window caption, better min/max/close buttons, and optimized overall look and feel of modern interface.
      • Introduction of new “Tiny Toolbar” Interface option, which uses 16x16 icons for Classic, and hides ribbon for Modern interface, while using QAT as “toolbar” for minimal interface.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed Bug #43: Double-click to extract – taskbar shows 0%.

    • Fixed Bug #47: Can’t update .doc file inside PAE

    • Fixed Bug #50: incorrect date when extracting from specific tar.gz archive

    • Fixed Bug: #51: Progress bar doesn’t show if file is unknown file type

    • Fixed Bug: Adding file and folder via drag and drop

    • Fixed Bug: Testing results letters cut off

    Please check your reported bugs and let us know if they have been fixed. Thank you!**

  • Then will it be possible to extract a file which has multiple archives like something.r00-something.rxx with .r00, cuz right now if I do that, I can’t see the content, I hav to open the last, something.rar to see the content.
    Also would be nice to use CTRL+C to extract it temp. and paste it anywhere, instead of the converter.
    If you could do that, pwrarchivr '07 would be perfect for me ;-)
    Regards Midi

  • PA Crew! as you well Know I love the new GUI of PowerArchiver.

    One thing! My Laptop and Business Computer work on XP Pro SP2 With all the latest patches!. When installing this Beta the top 3 right box options don’t apear as normal eg; Cross to close screen as Red and boxed minimize & Restore down / up.

    In the preview of this beta it shows it in Vista with the correct style? why can’t this be applied to XP? or is this a bug?

  • conexware

    eh, you guys need to open new threads for any issues encountered with beta, same with everything else. i am closing this thread so other people can do so - thank you!

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