Adding a file and a directory fails?

  • Hello PowerArchiver team,

    I am now trying the program. I am using the latest version (10.11.01).

    I noticed a behavior that I don’t know if it is a bug or intended. I think it is problematic.

    Here it is:

    I created a new, empty ZIP archive.

    Then I opened a folder (in Windows Explorer) named ‘Foo’.

    This folder contains two folders and one file:


    1. When dragging the empty folder to the PowerArchiver window, it is not added.

    2. When dragging the empty folder and the non-empty folder, only the non-empty folder is added.

    3. When dragging the file and another folder together (empty or non-empy), only the file is added.

    As I see it, all three behaviors are problematic, while the third one is a fault.

    Another thing I think you should change is that when dragging a single folder or adding it via the Add dialog box, the content of the folder is added, but not the folder itself. I think it is makes more sense to add the folder and it’s content, just as it being done when selecting more than one folder at a time.

    Please let me know what you think. I’ll he happy to give more information if you need it.


    Jonathan Orlev

  • conexware


    thanks for the info - we will check it out.

  • OK, sure. I’ll come back to see what you came up with

  • Hello spwolf,

    Can you confirm that this is indeed a problem?

    And another small suggestion:
    Why not implement the go back/go forward option for zip files to?



  • conexware

    we are looking at it right now

  • Sure, thanks.

  • conexware

    Hi Jonathan,

    3. should be fixed.

    2. You need to enable “normal relative path” option in configuration> misc. for this to work as you intend it. Let me know if it works properly then.

    1. You can not just add empty folder without any files to zip archive currently. There has to be an file being added or it doesnt work.

    I hope that helps.


  • Hello spwolf,

    Thanks for the answer. I hope you will fix what need to be fixed. I also want to add that imho, the program should also support adding empty folders, unless the format does not allow it (which I find hard to believe).

    And I’ll check the option you where referring to. It seems to be exactly what I meant.

    BTW, I just bought a license.



  • @JonathanOrlev:

    I also want to add that imho, the program should also support adding empty folders, unless the format does not allow it (which I find hard to believe).

    I believe that this is the case for Zip files (that the format does not support empty folders). My understanding is that the Zip format contains files with no hierarchy, just a filename that may include a full or partial path. The display of files in folders by utilities like PA is something they generate by getting all the files names and building a directory structure from the list of paths.

    Therefore, there is no way for the zip directory to have a path without at least one file to go with it. This may or might not apply to other archive formats.

  • conexware

    it is problem of the engine (not format), since it does not allow for no files to be added (it thinks it is an error)… rest of mwb’s explanation is correct.

    i think this will be improved for PA 2008.

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