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  • I originally purchased PowerArchiver 2002 for its ability to read UNIX compressed archives. Why has this feature been removed from PowerArchiver 2004? I saw on a previous post from August that this is considered a ‘Wish List’ feature. If a feature existed before why is it a ‘wish list’ now?

    In general features should be added to new versions, not removed.

    Any insight would be great.



  • Can you expand a little?
    To me “Unix” compression refers to either TAR or Gzip.
    Both are supported. I am not aware of any format for which support has been withdrawn since PA2002 :confused:

  • Sorry for being vague…

    Compressed UNIX files with the extention of .Z



  • Well. according to http://filext.com/detaillist.php?extdetail=Z
    that is a TAR / TAR.Gzip file

    PA associations links .z to Tar.gz
    Is this not correct - at least in your case?

  • Hey again Terry!

    Where the confusion lies is the specific brand of UNIX I work with is AIX and specifically the compress command. On AIX the command pack creates archives with the lowercase .z and compress creates files with uppercase .Z. Powerarchiver 2002 read and uncompressed these files flawlessly. It’s only in the new edition where it it won’t handle these types of files.



  • conexware

    When we changed to new TAR component for 9.00, we lost support for .z files. It will be returning in upcoming 9.1 release…


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