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What's new in 10.11?

  • What’s new in 10.11?

  • conexware

    bugfixes (from these forums) and improvements in translations.

  • @masu:

    What’s new in 10.11?

    • from “Whats New” inside download package
    • wonder why main site “Whats New” is not updated yet?

    Version 10.11 [June/2007]
    Minor improvements and fixes

    • Added first configuration screen for interface selection
    • Added PA Starter option in Configuration
    • Changed Configuration interface to tabbed interface for better look and feel for older systems
    • Updated 7-zip engine to latest version
    • Updated Unrar engine to latest version
    • Updated Direct Skin engine to latest version
    • Other minor improvements
      Bug Fixes:
    • Bug #15: AV while closing PA in XP and Vista fixed
    • Bug #00: All toolbars being shown in Vista fixed
    • Bug #25: AV when doubleclicking on Word file fixed
    • Bug #19: Crash when adding hundreds of files to Queue fixed
    • Bug #13: D&D from archive to archive fixed
    • Bug #21: Error when rearranging columns fixed
    • Bug #23: AV when renaming files fixed
    • Request #00: Add check box for highlight selected column option
    • Request #14: Ability to use files inside PAE archive when we cancel password entry
    • Request #28: Added ignoring volume names in paths to fix incompatible zips
    • Other minor fixes

  • conexware

    question is - what is new in 10.2?


  • That is what I was going to ask. Installed it, but the readme doesn’t show anything.

  • conexware


    That is what I was going to ask. Installed it, but the readme doesn’t show anything.

    fixes and completly new modern interface…

  • Dam nice Modern interface if I say so myself! Keep on with the changes PA because it just keeps getting better!

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