Queued Compressions

  • Hi all

    I use the queue a lot and was wondering if it would be possible to default the minimizing to the tray for a zip in progress.

    In general the minimize to tray would be nice if it was defaultable to one or the other instead of it being a 2 click process every time.

    Also the zip in progress icon is fine if using 7zip but when using the standard zip compression and compressing a single large file as the progress is always at 0% the icon does not display any meaningful information instead it just looks like it’s not working.

    Also would it be possible to not display the pa icon in the tray but still have queue enabled

  • conexware

    PA Starter is application that monitors if PA has any queues and then sends it to work. Without it, PA queue will not function.

  • could the queue not run as a service or an application that does not show an icon in the tray

  • conexware

    what would be the benefit of that? right now you can also open PA, open archives and backups right simple click, as well as turning it off with simple click…

  • probably just me being fussy and trying to save my tray space :)

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