Unable to extract .iso - PAISO.DLL -eror

  • Usually I cud extract .iso files. I tried to do the same
    with 10.01.03 but got following error:

    Access violation at address 026D2FF7 in module
    PAISO.DLL read address 00000000

    How to solve this ?

    thank you

  • Try the latest version 10.11 and see if it works.

  • Downloaded/upgraded. When I want to extract the ISO file it says:

    Error Writing to file.
    Possible reasons: Diskfull or no write permissions
    Please check if you have permissions to write to this folder.

    Enough space (160GB)
    “Extract here” - same error.


    Have no clue actually…


  • Is this particular one or with all/different ISO files?
    Is temporary folder on same disk/partition?

    Note: ISO extract works fine for me.

    Edit: Which version Windows?

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