SFX Enhancements

  • I don’t know if anybody suggested it before because I cannot use “search forum” option.

    I suggest:

    • allowing use of all system variables during self-extraction creation (not “program files” only)

    and optionallly…

    • add a “before extraction action”

    In that way it is possible to create a sort of mini Installation program or whatever you want!


  • conexware

    you can use pretty much all of the system variables, check help when in SFX menu.

  • Thank you. I didn’t see all of them before but it is not easy to understand if you don’t use the help. I suggest you to insert a little tip in the caption such as
    Default “UnZip to” folder (see help for a system variables):
    or similar

  • conexware

    yes, help is helpful :-)

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