Vista progress bars

  • v10.10.10

    The Vista progress bars shown during extraction look very nice. However, they aren’t portraying accurate info in the situation where you’re extracting a large file (.iso for instance) from many smaller .rar archive volumes. The progress bar at the top is relating to the large, 4GB .iso file and it shoots to like 95% immediately and then goes to 100% after just a few volumes have been processed :confused: and stays at 100% for the next five minutes while the file finishes being extracted. The progress bar at the bottom is refering to each volume name and proceeds at a much slower speed, in pace with the overall extraction job. This is also not right.

    I think that in the case of multiple volume extraction the progress bars should be reversed with the one at the top being slow. Also, the one at the bottom should be going from left to right repeatedly as each volume is processed.

  • conexware

    progress bars work differently depending on what you are extracting…… your specific problem is with rar?

  • Yes. To replicate, take one 4GB file and compress it into a multi-volume .rar archive, with the size of each volume being anywhere from 15-100MB.

    Your large file can probably be smaller, say 500MB. You should still see the same effect I’m noticing.

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