Wrong error message when extracting doesn't work

  • PA 2007 10.10

    Attempting to extract files from .zip that contains autorun.inf.

    Server running Mcafee set to create prevention of autorun.inf.

    PA gives Error creating destination file “Extracting … some other filename” which is the wrong file name and stops extracting files with an OK dialog that says check file in use, disk full or no write permissions.

    1. I don’t think it should stop extracting files - at least give an option to continue with remaining files.
    2. It should be able to tell if disk is full or file in use or no write permissions, or at least make better guesses in most cases.
    3. It should tell the correct filename that is causing the problem which would really help me say “oh, yeah, I can’t extract autorun.inf”

  • conexware


    In next update it should do 3rd option for now since anything else requires bigger changes for the zip engine…

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