Selecting files on PA

  • Sometimes on large “zip” or “7z” files the selection command doesn’t work very well: it selects other files that are not in the pattern of selection.

  • conexware

    can you give us more specific example?


  • Ok, I’ve made a backup of my iTunes library whichit is formed by three tipe of files: m4a, m4p and mp3 (about 1000 files).
    From the backup file I’ve selected the m4a files, for deleting them, using the select button and writing *.m4a in the pattern box.
    Having a quick look at the selection I’ve seen that also some m4p files were selected.
    I’ve solved sorting the file by type and selecting the files pointing to the first and the last one.

  • conexware

    “Select files” function selects desired files, but also leaves already selected files. Maybe some M4p file were selected before using this function. Use “Deselect all” function before using “Select files” function and try again.

  • Already tried and the problem persisted.
    Just tried now and seems ok…
    Maybe my fault in doing something.
    I’ll post if it happens again.

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