What about creating a new product

  • Hi,

    I am a very big fan of e-mail.
    Sometimes, particularly at work, where I don’t have PowerArchiver Installed, I would have the possibility to send messages with transparent autocompression of the attachments they contain.
    The problem is that, PAOP, which does that marvelously, requires PowerArchiver to be installed to work.
    In other words, it would be great if a Stand alone product does the same thing as PAOP curently does.
    Does such a product have a chance to come in the future ?

  • conexware

    since we are giving PAOP free to PA users, why not just use PAOP with PA installed? You dont have to use PA outside of PAOP usage…

  • Yes, but installing only a PAOP-like standalone product would be faster and using PAOP currently with pa require to update them both. Maintening a single product is easier too. And more simply why about an outlook addin, it would be easier than installing a product with a traditional installation scheme …

  • conexware

    you dont need to update PA as much because most of the changes dont relate to the PAOP usage.

    So it is really the same thing - if we had more time, we could create another version of PAOP, but it really doesnt make sense.

    This way you can use latest version of PA, with all the updates you might need, or just use whatever you have installed…

    We dont have time for 2 separate versions of PAOP for no valid reason.

  • Ok, no matter, I found a solution…

    Good bye !

  • @Claude:


    I am a very big fan of e-mail.

    Tell us what your email address is and I’ll make sure you get some then :D I try to accomodate ;)

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