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Changing profiles

  • How do I change profile settings? When I create a profile and change the settings, it’s not possible to change them after that. They are restored to the first time I changed the settings.

    1. Create profile
    2. close config
    3. goto created profile
    4. change settings. They are never saved.


  • conexware

    Anyone else can reproduce this problem? I cannot…

  • Not for “simple” profile
    I modify TAR default to Bzip, then create new TAR profile. I can change the compression between Tarred and Gzip in the new TAR I created.

    Perhaps it depends on specific settings 😕

  • conexware

    Still cannot reproduce this in Beta 1. Seems that chaning profiles in all formats including TAR works for all situations I have tried.

  • When you press the OK button, only the selected profile is saved.

    1. create 2 profiles
    2. change profile 1
    3. select profile 2
    4. change profile 2
    5. select profile 1

    Your previous changes are gone. You can only change 1 profile at a time. I thought that when you change a profile it is saved automaticly


  • @guido:

    You can only change 1 profile at a time.

    I thought that was intentional - as it has always been that way 😕

  • Never used them before 🙂


  • Seems to be fixed.

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