Registration code problems

  • Hi,

    I’m using Vista Ultimate and have been able to use PA2007 with some success.

    I deleted my windows profile (changed the machine to another domain). Since it’s a clean user I have to enter the registration code again. It accept the code and ask me to restart PA2007, but PA2007 will remain unregistered.

    The registration code is Ok since it worked before the profile was deleted. My user is non admin.

    I also have problem that I have to enter the admin password everytime I open a archive.

    Also tried to register as an admin user, but same problem.

  • conexware

    • registration codes: if PA starts unregistered, codes are not good. Go to your account (top left button) and get PA 2007 codes
    • Admin password - you probably set PA to start as Admin, and Vista then asks you to login. Right click on PA icon and disable starting as Admin option.

    If you need more help with registration, contact support via support form above…

  • Ok, thanks just had to get a new serial. Stupid of me not thinking I need a new key upgrading to 10.10.07.

    No, haven’t set PA to start as administrator. It asks for password when it tries to assosiate files with powerarchiver (_pasetup.exe /paassosiate)

    I can fix this problem with giving my user local admin privilegies and assosiate, and then remove admin. But sometimes it tries to assosiate again. That’s a bit annoying, can live doing it once.

  • conexware

    well thats something else - you indeed need admin priviledges in order to register file associations or change them.

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