Force 32-bit shell extensions on 64-bit XP/Vista

  • Hi,
    I am running currently WinXP x64 (maybe later also Vista x64) and PA 10.01.
    Shell extensions in 64-bit Explorer are working fine.
    But as I am using 32-bit Total Commander (no 64-bit version avaliable) as my primary file manager, I would like to switch on permanently the 32-bit extensions of PA, even at the price of completly disabling 64-bit support of PA if coexistense is not possible.


  • conexware

    You will have to replace PASHLEXT.DLL from the PowerArchiver’s installation directory with the one we will send you over email. Just send email to support(a) and we will get back to you.

    Sometimes it is tricky to replace PASHLEXT.DLL becasue it may be in use, but you can do this imediatelly after Windows start by executing Command prompt and doing all this stuff under command prompt (not Windows Explorer).

  • It is working!

    The final solution was to just overwrite the 64-bit version of PASHLEXT.DLL in the installation directory with the 32-bit version from the downloaded installation package (extracted with PA).
    Under Win XP Pro x64 no safe mode was needed, just overwrite without using Explorer, reboot and go.

  • conexware


  • I’ve just tried this under Vista Ultimate 64 and it hasn’t worked for me. (I use Directory Opus 9 as my explorer replacement, which is a 32bit app.)

    Before I replaced the PASHLEXT.DLL file I would only get the right click menu items in Explorer, not Directory Opus. After I replace the PASHLEXT.DLL with the 32bit version I get nothing :(

    Any ideas would be welcome (currently relying on WinRAR as that’s pure 32bit and its shell integration is working in Directory Opus and Explorer.)



  • conexware

    maybe svecinger can help you since he is using the same application?

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