PA 9.02 SFX problem with Chinese filenames

  • Hi, I’m trying PA 9.02 and got some problem with Chinese filenames in the SFX archive.

    I created an archive contains some file with Chinese characters in the file name,
    it works fine with the main PA application and shell extensions, but if I convert it
    to an SFX archive using PA shell extensions and execute the SFX exe file, those file
    with Chinese filenames simple got skipped and not extracted, though I can still extract
    those file with the main PA application but its not possible in the machine I want to extract this files to, that’s why SFX exist in the 1st place right ? I guess you got some problem in the SFX code, can you fix it ? :rolleyes:

    PS: I used some other SFX creating tool to convert the zip into SFX exe ant it works fine. :)

  • conexware

    thanks for the info, we will check it out!

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