Queueing multiple files

  • First, thank you for adding graphical queueing. It is a great feature, long overdue. You could always make your own script by hand (using PACL), but it is nice being able to do it right from within PowerArchiver for one-of instances… I hope you’ll continue improving on it (like multi-thread execution by source and/or destination, send to background w/o stealing focus from active window, etc.)

    On the problem I’m having. I often decompress multiple series of multipart rar files by ctrl+click on the first file of each series, and then select “Extract To” from the context menu. However, if I add to the queue, only one of the files gets decompressed (only one of the multi-part series is decompressed, the others are ignored). If I don’t add to the queue, all files are processed. I’m using 10.01.03 (03/2007).

    Am I missing a setting? Is this a bug/limitation?


  • conexware

    thanks - we will add this feature (or fix this bug) in 10.10 :-)

  • conexware


    The issue should be fixed in 10.1.

  • conexware

    Please check prerelease version 10.1 B1:

    And let us know if this fixes your issue.

    thank you!

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