Delete button disabled.

  • With the exception of the Zip format, every archive I open has the DELETE button disabled. Is there anything I’m doing wrong here… some option that I have not checked to enable the DELETE button? Thanks!

  • I belive it is disabled
    a) When format is extract only in PA
    b) When archive was created as solid (e.g. cab, 7Z)

    It works for me with Zip, BH, LZH and both Tar (Bz2/Gz) formats.

  • Actually, even if I don’t select “solid” for 7z files it is disabled, which I think is wrong - is this what you meant?

  • Confirm that. On 7z, bh, and cab archives the DELETE button is still disabled. Is it correct to assume that PA only has extract capability for these types?

  • conexware

    7z, cab are solid formats, so PA cant update them… We will add workaround for 7z in the future versions. Even if you select non-solid 7zip, it wont work currently.

    Other formats that PA supports only extraction - rar, ace, etc, wont work.

    Formats like zip, bh, tar work fine because PA fully supports them and they are not solid formats.


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