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Slow extraction from zips with many files

  • Hi!

    I have a zip file with following specs:

    • around 113MB compressed size
    • around 1,4GB uncompressed size
    • contains ~55,000 small files (~ 1-100KB)

    PA is very slow in loading this file (“reading files…”)
    and it takes a long time extracting single files from
    this archive.

    Few files in this archive are broken and PA stops from extracting the whole archive with an error.

    Which bugs me: the 7-zip file manager is doing fine with this archive.
    It loads it fast and extracting single files takes just a few seconds. If I extract the whole archive it just skips the broken files and continues with a hint.

    If developer needs this file for testing purposes, please PM me.

  • conexware

    how slow is slow when loading? What settings are you using? (classic view, explorer view, etc)…


  • @spwolf:

    how slow is slow when loading? What settings are you using? (classic view, explorer view, etc)…


    Settings: Modern Skin (Blue), Explorer-View with enabled Folder-View (see attached Screenshot).

    Startup until the progressbar starts moving takes ~12sec, loading takes ~50sec

    When PA has finished it needs ~60MB RAM and ~60MB virtual memory.
    The zip file contains around 6600 folders.

    PC specs: Windows XP Pro SP2, AthlonXP 2200+ (1,9GHz), 1GB RAM

  • conexware

    is it faster when you move it to classic view?

  • conexware

    and where is the file located at? hard drive or? thanks!

  • The file is located on my second hard drive, but moving it to my system drive makes no diffence in speed.

    Switching between classic and modern toolbar has no impact on speed, but I think “classic style” is a little bit faster than “explorer style”.

  • conexware

    Interesting - I will test it on our computers and see what happens.

    It is way too slow for opening files, however that might be due to archive being broken. I will test that out.


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