What sort of knowldge does it take to translate this softwere?

  • does it take just the knowledge of good english + good knowledge of the translated language or does it takes
    some sort of knowldge in programming and if so and even if not why is it so difficult to translate your softwere thet it require to contact you in order to do

    why not just use *.lng files or something similer
    thet would enable anyone who wan’t to translate this softwere to do this and even create it’s own personal
    translation like numerous other softwere thet enable
    this like miranda and utorrent and etc and thet way
    the process of translating the softwere would go much faster and much smoother then to wait some smart english knowing programmer/translator to do the job for you?:)

    any way i’m not saying thet i’m going to translate this softwere but i am saying thet i would like to have the option to do thet and then maybe if i would think thet i have done a good job then perhaps i would publicisize my result here but i can’t do it at this moment so i’m hopping thet on your next version you would consider an easier way to translate this softwere without too much knowldge in programming and thanks in advnce.:)

  • conexware

    translating PowerArchiver is not hard, but it is time consuming process because there is a lot of stuff to be translated.

    thats why we ask to contact us before we send out translation packs.

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