Major 7zip update fault

  • Whilest updating two archives with microsoft access files in them one had several word files and two access databases in it and the other, one access database and a hlp file.

    to my horror it had a problem upating due to the fact i clicked on one database in side the archive whilst the archive which was the largest one was updating itself. It failed coming up with an error saying could not update itself. So I simply added it again, then I updated the smallest archive. Then I decided to update the largest archive again and to my horror it had been over written by the smallest archive.

    I thought I might have done something. To my hoorror the smallest achive whch i had not opened just then was empty.

    Luckily I had done backups on usb stick.

    Should this happen ever no the two archive with different names but same extension had cross threaded for some reason and changed. the largest archive contense had disapeared and the smallest one was empty.

    Seem to be a major fault with 7zip format.
    I have re checked and checked again and can not at this time reproduce the events but it is a major worry that this can happen at all. Is there any safe gaurds in 7zip / powerarchiver to stop this happening ever again. Or is it best to avoid 7zip that can upadte itself. should we only use 7zip solid infuture or is ther something wrong with the 7zip updateing of archives.

    I have windows 2000 with latest updates and latest version of powerarchiver.

  • conexware

    I will print this out and read it very carefully :-)

  • thanks

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