Wrong position when maximising

  • I have my taskbar located at the top of the screen, rather than the bottom. When I maximise PA 2007 (all versions – currently 10.00.42), the window does not cover the available space, but is moved downwards in its entirety leaving a gap between the taskbar and the PA window that matches the height of the taskbar. PA’s statusbar drops off the bottom of the screen. I’ve also noticed that, unlike other programs, PA slips behind the Google sidebar when maximising.

    Other things that may be relevant:

    • 2 adjacent monitors, both at 1680x1050
    • Google sidebar docked at the far right (tried disabling it, no effect)
    • using UltraMon (tried disabling it, no effect)
    • position is fine when taskbar is at the bottom of the screen

  • conexware

    we will check it out - btw, latest version is 10.01.03…

    thank you!

  • conexware

    p.s. are you using modern or classic interface?

  • Good point. I use the classic interface. When using modern, the positioning is correct (although it still slips behind the Google sidebar).

  • conexware

    thats interesting, common sense says that modern is the one that shouldnt work and not classic…

  • conexware

    and what OS?

  • Hadn’t really used modern since I can’t find anything anymore. Took me 3 minutes to find the way back to the classic interface :)

    I’m running Windows XP SP2 (I’ve also tried using different Windows visual styles to no avail).

  • conexware

    thanks - we will take an look for .02 and let you know if we have any questions!

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