New PA2007 License. Need some help.

  • Hello all… :)
    Would appreciate if someone could help me on this.

    Today my PA ask me if I want to update. So I did click yes…and after all the installation done… I get the PA2007 installed. But the thing keep asking me to enter the code.:confused: I am a registered user for the previous version. I get the code when I enter the Skin design contest last year.

    My question is that, am I still a registered user for PA2007? If so, how may I have the correct code for PA2007 registeration? If i am not registered user for PA2007 how can I revert to the old version.

    Thanks in Advance. :)

    Best Regards

  • If you have a personal user license then use you are can upgrade to the next version, but the key has changed. Business depends on when you bought your copy.

    From the download page:

    Please Note: PowerArchiver 2007 uses new registration codes. If you purchased before, you will need to access your ConeXware Account page and click the “Resend Codes” button next to PowerArchiver 2007 to receive the new codes via e-mail.

  • Thank you amh209. That solved my problem :D

  • Glad to help.

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